Thursday, 23 May 2013

5 rules of life in your twenties (that I should have followed)

Dagmar Hochová

I'd like to walk to my younger self and tell him a couple of things. I'm writing a book instead, hoping it will reach some folks with madness and hunger for life similar to mine. The general ideas are as follows: 

 1. Don't panic. 

We're doomed. That's generally true. But in the meantime we can be brave and happy. Sure, there's a small list of things you should avoid, like long term commitments (mortgage, marriage, kids), or life/health hazards (starting with suicide attempt, which sounds so sweet sometimes), but the message is: enjoy your freedom. And first of all - stay calm. 

2. Participate. 

Don't only think about things but breathe them, engage your sweat & blood. Be part of it, not apart. And over all: share with others. 

3. Anticipate. 

You have one source of income? Cool, work on another one. You love your partner? Marvellous, don't forget about your friends. You feel great with children? Awesome, just keep in mind they will be gone in 10 years. Get ready. 

4. Believe in your choices. 

Feeling you've landed somewhere or with someone by accident? How so? Everything you are now is either result of many decisions or just an inertial force. Let it better be decisions, your decisions. Listen to feedback, but don't let people sabotage your plans. Almost everyone has this inclination to give advices, not always with good will. And rarely with better knowledge of the situation than you have. 

5. Acknowledge that there's nothing as it seems. 

Appearances can really be misleading. Less is more, big is small, depends how much you research it. And be ready for surprises. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix was a very shy guy? Not to mention that Jack Nicholson was growing up with sister, that turned out to be... his mother. 

So the book should be ready at the latest in September. 

By the way, while wondering who publishes similar content I found a great site:

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