Friday, 12 July 2013

Age of Abundance (or nerd in the park)

Seeing some Sci-Fi film ad on a London bus I felt suddenly embarrassed for all involved: producers, actors, designers, and so on. “They should be ashamed of themselves.” - I thought. “It hits low, pins to the flatland.” I really got carried away with disgust, as I was walking familiar streets in Zone 2. I kept on complaining in my mind. “It's trashing the culture. It's a waste of time, prayer to money.”

It might sound harsh. It might sound overly serious. But somehow I caught myself on that explicit judgement. Cause really, we would do without another movie. We would easily do without half of the movies made over the last 50 years.

What we generally need in the West is selection. Subtracting instead of adding, giving away instead of taking, letting go instead of gathering. For start try selling instead of buying.

We have a religion of collecting and upgrading. We produce the same films for decades, over and over again. How about setting up a religion of selection, or at least politics or business of selection.

Said someone who adds his blog to the noise, plus tweets, plus Facebook updates and YouTube videos. Oh well, whatever comes next.

I should probably stick to watching dogs running in the park. But no walk is innocent when you are a fatalist nerd.

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