Friday, 31 January 2014

Charlatans advantage

We’re being stuffed with minor stories. Ordinary obligations. Entertainment. When has everything become flat? What about life in general? 

What about the world in general? The world that deserves to be watched in full sharpness. With no looking away. With no denial, when you see something different than you expect to see. 

That's why I'm fascinated by those who are specifically wrong and generally right. The charlatans chasing the very big picture, like De Mello, UG Krishnamurti, Robert Pirsig, Tim Ferriss, or Ken Wilber. Primarily Ken Wilber actually. 

Sorting out their obsessions, they proclaim fresh views. They don't wait for acknowledgement. They are focused on their visions, which are often quite mad ideas. So wonderfully mad. 

Encouraged by their example, I decided to face a new genre: self-help book. Yes, soon I'll be launching my own village philosophy product. Working title: “Maps of Exits”. It's American and you know it. 

I'm aware of doubtful status of these books. They heavily earned it with pathetic, reader offensive manner. Filled with authoritative impulses, reductionist world views, overly simple solutions, they were too often promoting extreme narcissism. 

Self help is like sat nav in the dark. But let's face it: we need help, walking among people who need help. I aspire to deliver a post-modern-and-beyond book. It’s going to fly high!

We tend to avoid banality. Maybe that's why more people focus more on VAT than the meaning of life. I'd like to get back to the essence sharing my discoveries on crisis and time of change. To prove, that passion of awareness pays off.

It pays off also in notion, that nobody will read it anyway. And if someone will, there is going to be a queue of tweets and youtube videos waiting for them to be browsed. They'll bring an immediate effect of erasing the previous messages. But we charlatans love Sisyphean tasks.
(C) Giorgia Arena

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